Why Choose Us?

Why Do So Many People Choose South City Plaster?

  • QUAD Quality Control (x4)
    Projects are checked at 4 stages to ensure they meet our strict quality policy
  • South City Standards
    Behavioural standards ensure all workers are well presented with a courteous and friendly manner towards co-workers and site owners
  • Predominant Use Of Full Time Tradespeople
    The small number of subbies we do use must act in accordance with our “South City Standards” rules of behaviour, ensuring the best result and your complete satisfaction every time
  • Strict Ban On Alcohol On-Site & Smoking Indoors
  • Cleanliness Of Work-Site
    All projects are cleaned to your satisfaction. The area is swept and the floor scraped. Rubbish is stacked into one pile at an agreed area, making removal easy
  • Guarantees
    Quote, lead and completion times are all guaranteed
  • Police Checks

    All full time team members have current police checks enabling them to work in aged care facilities and schools.
  • HIA and Victorian Wall & Ceiling Association Members
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