Community Involvement

We are committed to making a difference in the community

In 2007 a small, dedicated team set out to do something that had never been done before. It was (and still is) to provide the systems, structure and inspiration to turn our world into a world full of giving and to create a much happier world as a direct result.

B1G1 gives businesses the power to change our lives.

Sponsoring High school Students in Malawi

During a volunteering trip to Malawi, Africa, Rohan Simmons saw first hand the effects of living in a poverty stricken region and felt moved to contribute on an ongoing basis.

The Malawi government ceases funding education at the age of 12. After this age, families are required to find there own funds for ongoing education. South City Plaster chose to sponsor 6 teenages so they could continue their education at a boarding high school.

Local Sports

South City Plaster is proud to support grass roots sports by sponsoring the

  • Pearcedale Junior Football Club
  • Pearcedale Senior Football Club
  • Pearcedale Cricket Club.

Click here to listen to a snippet of radio broadcast sponsored by South City Plaster during the local match of the day.

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